The High Vibe of Generosity

Posted on 19 December 2013

Happy Holidays!  ‘Tis the season of generosity and gift-giving!  And how beautiful is that?  Beyond the commercialism of the holiday, there’s something very pure being activated in the form of generosity.  Something sweet about considering the uniqueness of another and offering a gift that may serve or simply

At it’s best, our giving allows us to experience the high vibrations of abundance and unconditional love — from within.  And yes, though I have also experienced the stress of holiday shopping and even sometimes feelings of obligation regarding the gifts I give, the higher vibrations of abundance, love and generosity are still there… under the surface of every act of giving, ready for me to activate them with my willingness to open my heart and drop the conditions.

I suspect that is the whole reason we keep this gift-giving tradition alive.  It’s not for what we receive in the form of presents. It’s what we receive from the action of giving.

There’s a lesson to be learned in giving to yourself too.  Have you learned it yet?

Every investment you make in your own personal growth and spiritual evolution is a gift to the world around you. Heal yourself, heal your tribe. Awaken yourself, awaken your community. As within, so without… this is a spiritual principle that we see out-picturing over and over in our lives.

If you feel so called, I invite you to gift yourself an end of the year Spiritual Coaching Session + Visioning + Akashic Record Clearing with me. We’ll combine these three in a powerful 80 minute session, looking back on 2013 to harvest the gems and learnings, then looking forward to 2014, visioning together, and anchoring a high soul’s intention for your growth and expansion.  I’d love to hold space for you — generously and sweetly!

Note:  You can book this session with me anytime between now and January 3rd for $125 ($175 value).

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