I Care TOO Much About What They Think!

Posted on 17 May 2016

Are you super aware of other people’s thoughts (more than your own)?  Are you careful to act in ways that other people will approve of so they won’t judge you?  Do you let other people’s opinions override your knowing?

It’s darn hard to create a life that suits YOU, if you give other people more power than you.

Let’s change that.

Bring your inner People Pleaser to May’s Consciousness Workshop,  “Who cares what they think? (a reality check for the people pleaser)”

May workshop simpleThis month’s Consciousness Workshop is tomorrow at 12pm PST.  Join me and …
  • Become aware of when and how you let other people’s opinions override your own (and stop that!)
  • Get honest about what you’re creating in your life as a people pleaser.
  • Receive and accept the permission to please YOURSELF before everyone else.
  • Attune to YOUR knowing.
  • Lighten up!

While you’re always invited to book one-on-one sessions with me for this kind of work, participating in this group coaching session is an easy and super affordable way to receive support.  I invite you to come — receive from me, and receive from the group!

This month’s workshop takes place tomorrow – Wednesday, May 18 at 12pm PST in the virtual space of a tele-conference call.  If you can’t be there live, no worries — join by recording afterwards.  The .mp3 is yours to keep.

The link to register is here: www.jessicacolp.com/consciousness-workshops

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