Are you aware of where you’re contracting?

Posted on 28 November 2020

Earlier this month, inspired by a few clients who were making big shifts in our sessions, I wrote a short list of questions and sat with them:

Where am I collapsing?
Where am I feeling small?
What does that part of me need?
What can I choose that is caring for myself?
Where can I find an energy of empowerment?
What choices do I have here?

Asking these questions helped me become aware of places I had contracted this year, and not yet expanded — places that felt like tightness in my being.

That’s not surprising, is it? The circumstances of this year have uniquely had their way with each of us. Have you been feeling an impact too?

Life unfolds in ways we can’t control.
Our biggest choice is in how we BE with it all.

We can resist or receive. We can complain or look for blessings. We can take on a defensive posture of self-protective, or we can care for ourselves in ways that allow us to expand and unwind.

We can grow and thrive… and receive it all as gold.

That’s a path of abundance, chosen from the inside out. I desire that for me and also for you, especially as we come close to ending this year and beginning the next.

However you spent Thanksgiving, I hope you created time to relax, count your blessings, and appreciate your life. If not, create space now. Sit with those questions above too, and let me know what arises within you. When you open and expand, more always arrives.

I’m here for you — with sessions, and also with a daily group class that starts Monday, called Abundance. Read more and register here.

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