When you’re on the verge of a big change…

Posted on 23 July 2018

Are you on the verge of something big and exciting in your life?

Are you dreaming up your next big adventure?

When you’re about to veer off from the beaten path, you want to talk it out with someone who will share your enthusiasm WHILE asking you questions to help you see it all more clearly.

Sometimes friends and family have too many agendas to be that space for you — at least in the beginning.

Not everyone is adventurous in the way that you are.
Not everyone gets you completely.

That’s why you talk it out with your coach.

You get clear on the energy of what you’d like to create next.
You feel into the possibilities.
You notice what is light for you (and what isn’t).
You trust yourself and your instincts.
You trust Life to blow you away with miracles as you step forward.
….and you celebrate it all!

It’s your life.

Why shouldn’t it be an adventure?


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