When under stress, ask… what’s the kindest choice I could make for myself here?

Posted on 04 May 2016

I have many clients right now who are in big times of transition — getting divorced, quitting a job, taking care of parents who are in their last months of life, navigating through major health challenges…

Most of them would not have predicted that their life would go this direction.  And they wouldn’t have volunteered for this path that they’re on.  Yet, they’re there.  They aren’t checking out.  They aren’t pointing fingers.  They aren’t crumbling in despair.  They’re handling what has come their way, and they’re not victim to their circumstances.

Life is not in your control.
However YOU are in control of what you create with Life.

You have choice.  Always.

You can indulge in fear.  You can complain and worry.  You can show up half-heartedly.
You can choose to hide or shrink.

And if these are your choices, I’ve got no judgment about them.

I also know that you can choose power.  You can step forward with a trust in yourself and in Life. You can make choices that are kind to you.  You can ask questions of yourself, and you can access your knowing and follow the impulse within you that will create miracles.

Here’s what I ask my clients:

1.  What choices can you make here that would be most kind to you?
2.  What next step can you take that will create ease in this situation?
3.  What do you know about this that only YOU know?

Asking these kinds of questions brings awareness.  You may not have an immediate answer, however, by asking, you’ll open the door to kindness, ease and knowing…  And then your job is to keep stepping in that direction.

If I can help you create greater ease on your path, I’m here!  Book a session.  Or join a class.  Power and Potency, a 21 Day Meditation class, begins Friday morning.  It’s one of my all time favorites!  Last year when I led this class I generated more income through my business than I ever had before. Potency in action is highly creative!  And this month’s Consciousness Workshop: “Who Cares What They Think?” is designed for the people pleaser in you who is ready to stop.

If any of these offerings speak to you, TRUST yourself and sign up!

I appreciate you!

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