What would life be like if you were great at receiving (from everyone and everything)?

Posted on 26 October 2017

21 days of receiving-2How receptive are you?

Do you trust and open yourself to receive from Life (from people, trees, animals, homes, cars, cities)?  Or do you refuse and reject more often than you receive?

Most people are better at being closed than being open.  But you can be different!

Life is far easier, and more magical, when you’re receiving it.

That’s what we’ll be practicing in this class.

21 Days.  21 guided meditations and class discussions.  We’ll practice lowering walls and barriers, releasing judgment, and expanding into MORE.

Receiving from everyone and everything isn’t hard.  It’s easier with practice, though, and that’s exactly what this class is for.

Come get your daily meditation on with me in November, dare the Universe to surprise you, and make the choice to receive more than ever before.

Class is $100.   It’s recorded every day at 8am Pacific.  You receive all recordings to keep.  Read more and register HERE.

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