What’s this time like for you?

Posted on 02 April 2020

Here we are in the time of quarantine, with our best laid plans for 2020 on pause. It’s all a lot to process, isn’t it?

What’s this like for you?

I recognize that there is no ‘one size fits all’ experience to quarantine. Some of my clients are working more intensely than ever keeping us healthy and fed and continuing to educate children and teach classes. Some are at home with nothing to do for the first time in years. Some are cloistered with family members, some are alone, and many are attending more zoom meetings than they could have imagined.

What we all share in common during this time is that this is a change. Our patterns and routines have been disturbed. We haven’t experienced this before. And we’re going to emerge from this different.

Can you let this be an inner reset for you?

What might you discover about yourself in this time that you are out of your patterns and default modes?

If you’re not feeling super productive now, please don’t beat yourself up.
If you’re sleeping a lot, embrace the chance to rest.
If you’re feeling waves of grief, let it flow and cleanse you.
If you’re finding yourself in fear or anxiety, be especially gentle with yourself, and reach out for help as needed.

Let yourself be human.

We’re still at the beginning of this experience.

Remember to breathe. Remember that this too shall pass. Remember that everything, everything, everything can be received as a gift when you soften to receive it.

And, even as you stay quarantined, don’t let yourself feel isolated. I’m here. Your family and friends and co-workers and community are still here. You might just find yourself with deeper connections and community at the end of this than you could have imagined.

I wish that for you.

I also wish to support you, as you need. I sent a survey out to clients last week and the overwhelming request in the time of quarantine was a daily practice class.  So I created it!  EVERY DAY in the time of quarantine you are welcome to come meditate with me, receive an uplifting class, and connect with community. Read more here.

Also, some clients said they desired more frequent, short sessions of support. Others wanted Facetime calls. Those are easy requests! If you want to put me on your Quaranteam, schedule a chat with me and and we’ll come up with a plan that suits you.

Again, stay soft. Let something beautiful be created within you even as you stay home.


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