Plug into the Source

Posted on 26 June 2014

Have you been a person who has created success through mental power? Perhaps over time you have sharpened your ability to strategize and problem solve and honed your mind through academic pursuits. Yay for the brain!

Or have you been a person who has excelled through sheer will power? Perhaps you reached your financial goals, or dieted those pounds off because you hung onto your desire with all of your inner strength and didn’t let yourself veer of course. Yay for determination!

Or have you excelled in life through the development of your physical power? Perhaps you have physically pushed your limits, and built your life through the power of your muscles and the endurance of your body. Yay for sheer strength and grit!

source energyKnowing ourselves as powerful is one of the joys of actually being human! And yet, as powerful as we feel in any individually developed facet of ourselves, there’s MORE!

You are more than the sum power of your human strengths. You are Divine, and you can plug into Source energy at any time. It is within you – a birthright included in your spiritual nature.

The more we remember that we have continual access to Divine Power, the more we can uplevel our energetic systems to something new and far more efficient.

How do we do that? We plug into the Divine through our meditations, our affirmations, our practices that help us remember ourselves as bigger than our mind, our personality, or our ego.

Take that in. Your simple practices of turning inward and remembering that there is more supporting you than you can see or hear or hold is far more important than having a good to-do list each day.

Before engaging your mental, physical or will power, plug into Divinity. Let the power of Divine Love flow through you, the power of Divine Light illuminate your path. Engage in this Source energy, THEN engage your mind, your muscles, and your choices.

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