Sometimes your old reality has to break…

Posted on 28 September 2018

What’s going on in your world? Anything changing?

It is in my world. Some of the change this year was change I knew was coming. Some of it has caught me by surprise. Can you relate?

My job, as I see it, is to stay present and be aware through all the shifts and changes. The earth can move under my feet. Structures of my life can dissolve. And, I can still stand tall, be flexible, and stay conscious through it all.

One of my favorite teachers, Dain Heer says, “Sometimes your old reality has to break before your new reality shows up.”

Yep! It’s not a bad thing… even if it temporarily rocks you.

I’ve been lifting my gaze to the horizon a lot, asking a lot questions. Where am I going with my life? What am I aiming for?

Big questions actually steady me. They guide me forward and help me navigate change.

What’s important to me?
What am I creating as my future by my choices?
What could I have five, ten, fifteen years from now if I head towards it now?
And what else could I choose that will expand me, add to my life, bring me joy?

I like asking these questions. I like perceiving the ‘next grandest version of my life’ ahead of me in the future. And as I perceive it, I know I’m bringing it to life. My future begins to brighten and beckon me forward. I follow that energy and it informs my path now.

That’s what I’ve been working on — asking a lot of questions about my future, perceiving what’s possible, and spending time in that energy. I’ve done it before — I’ve aimed for a whole new reality and a very different version of my life. I created what I envisioned, even thought at some point it seemed impossible. I bet you have too!

Is it time to vision again? To set course towards a future that excites you? If it is, join me for a 5 week Futuring Class in October or book some sessions.

If your view of the future doesn’t light you up and pull you forward, pause and ask yourself more questions.

Point yourself another direction. Choose greater.

It’s your life. You get to create it.

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