Often you have to slow down in order to get ahead

Posted on 10 August 2022

In a typical season of your life when everything’s coming at you at once, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

Life doesn’t slow down for you to breath and reflect, but you can slow yourself down..

You can build in the time to pause and lift your gaze. Give yourself the space to breathe and take in a bigger view. If you don’t, you risk getting lost. The stresses and surface issues of your life will swallow your attention.

There are deeper trends to your life than meet the eye. When you slow down you can feel that. You can see what’s actually happening and who you’re being within it. You can sense what’s possible and what you’re called to do next.

That’s what coaching sessions are about.

You pause and lay it all out.
You examine the smaller details and the bigger picture.
You get curious with me and ask big questions of yourself.
You seek your highest path.

When you create the space to focus and reflect, clarity comes with ease.

Your voices of judgment soften.
Your overwhelm dissipates.
You shift out of stress modes and survival strategies, and find yourself smarter and wiser, more creative and more resourced.

Slowing down lets you step into being a visionary, instead of just a survivor. It puts you ahead of your problems instead of behind them.

And… when you make regular pauses a priority, Life shows up differently. It doesn’t necessarily slow down, but it seems like it does, because you’re no longer steamrolled by the pace of it.

I want that for you.

If you could use a series of sessions in this season of your life, I’m here for you.

If we’ve never worked together before, and you’re new to coaching, book a consultation first. It’s a no pressure conversation that will leave you feeling better, no matter how you want to proceed.

If you’re already a client, ready again to do some deep visionary work, book your sessions here.


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