Notice when you shut down or contract… and choose again.

Posted on 11 June 2020

We’re in an important experience of change in our nation right now. Personally, I’m so excited to witness and participate in this revolution of consciousness. Black Lives Matter. Justice and equality matters. Healing racism matters. A continuation of the Civil Right Movement is over-due and highly needed. And, as with any revolutionary movement, it is unfolding with intensity. Marches, demonstrations, videos of violence and police brutality, op-eds, news stories, and demands for reform… it’s a lot!

Over these next days and weeks you may want to check out or turn away. It’s hard to stay present to abuse and trauma for too long, yet waking up to inequality and injustice and the consequences of racism is our call right now. And we can do this.

Instead of avoiding that call, simply notice that you may sometimes shut down.

Check yourself in these moments:

Is my heart open or closed?
Is my mind open or closed?
Am I clinging to the status quo of yesterday, or am I willing to create a better world?
Am I in limitation or possibility?

Noticing when you shut down or contract is huge.
Noticing it means you aren’t unconscious.

You may not be able to shift immediately from contraction to expansion, but noticing your state of being gives you perspective and choice.

This is important right now.

Commit to being conscious.

Let me remind you: You are a person who is drawn to possibility. You are a person who loves to live in question. You have an incredible capacity to love and learn and grow. Your heart can expand so big, it takes in everyone. You can answer Life’s call to change and evolve. And you can do so jubilantly.


This is you, if you choose. Anchor in these energies and they’ll guide you to action.

When you need support and clarity, reach out for sessions. I’m here for you.


P.S. Change requires a shift in consciousness. Last week I mentioned I’m reading How to be Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi. Many of my friends are reading it with me. Perhaps you want to start your own friend’s circle to discuss and grow together. I’m happy to send you more book suggestions (just ask!), or if books aren’t your thing, but movies are, sit down with friends and family and watch Selma, Just Mercy, and 13th. Lean in, learn and grow.

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