Are You An Inspiration Junkie?

Posted on 26 March 2014

As a coach I encourage my clients to surround themselves with inspirational voices and to marinate in inspirational ideas. Books, cds, podcasts, TED talks, quotes, affirmations, Facebook posts, and positive people… when one is looking for inspiration, it can be found!

You can feed your cynicism and negativity with plenty of material easily available for consumption. Or you can feed your confidence and optimism with that which inspires you. It’s kind of like the choice between fast food, or a clean and healthy diet. Definitely an important choice!

And, yet… I have to admit, it’s a fine line between creating an environment of inspirational support in your life, and becoming an “Inspiration Junkie.”

In truth, at a certain point in our awakening, inspiration must become our commitment, not just our quick fix to unhappiness.  We are called to BE inspired regardless of what exists in circumstance or appearance around us.

The more we awaken, the more we realize that inspiration truly comes from the Divine spark of light that resides inside ourselves. The source of inspiration is never outside us. It’s always within.

Bringing this down to Earth, let’s remember:  reading a positive book or encountering a well-placed quote may help you feel better, yet recognize that it does so because it sparks you to remember what is true. Yes, it’s beneficial to be supported by such reminders. AND, the source of inspiration is already inside of you. That Divine Spark of Wisdom, Truth and Love that is always seeking to be known, is yours to radiate. It’s within your capacity to be both inspired and inspiring at any moment. Commit to it!

Take it to the streets today… Instead of seeking someone else to inspire you, choose to be inspired simply because… Walk through your day inspired from within and notice how the world responds.

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