Hold yourself gently and let yourself change

Posted on 11 May 2020

How are you doing? Are you well? Are you holding steady? ⠀

I desire that for you. ⠀

Some of my clients almost sheepishly tell me how happy they’ve been over these past weeks. They’ve found themselves grateful to be at home, to slow down, to have everything change. If that’s been your experience, embrace it! ⠀

Some of my clients have been courageously facing their anxiety and fear. They’ve been witnessing their concern for the future and mistrust of authority, and as they face these shadows, a beautiful healing is happening within them. If that’s been your experience, embrace that too! ⠀

Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of experience, be at peace with yourself. ⠀

It’s okay not to know much right now.⠀
It’s okay to not have a plan or even a vision of the future.⠀
It’s okay to feel what you feel.⠀

Hold yourself gently and let yourself change in these times of change. Invite this great pause to be an experience of great transformation in your life. If you’ll receive it as such, it will be that for you.⠀

If you need support, book a session. I’m here for you. ⠀

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