Got any triggers this political season?

Posted on 28 July 2016

I knew this was going to be an exciting year when it started. A presidential election year with such an interesting cast of characters. And WOW — it’s intense! I have Bernie or Bust friends, Hillary supporters, and some hard-core Trump enthusiasts in my world, and of course, I’ve got my own opinions too!

The emotional triggers around all of this are high and hot!   The sides are polarized.  As far as I’m concerned, this season is a Consciousness Bootcamp.

Do you ignore it all and protect your sensitive self by closing down your Facebook account and turning off the news?   Do you dive in and fight for your side like a warrior? Do you numb out and proclaim everyone an idiot, or get scared by the fear and hatred you’re witnessing?

What ELSE is possible?

Truly, there are many choices you could make regarding how to BE with it all. Whatever choice you make, let it be light and powerful. Here’s what I know:

  • We have the capacity to witness and contribute without judging those who disagree.
  • We have the capacity to include all information in our awareness without short-circuiting in despair, fear or anger.
  • We have the capacity to create something completely new when we let go of being right.

That’s consciousness. It includes everything, judges nothing, and it contributes. In the the space of unconditional presence and inclusion, everything changes. Battle lines dissolve. Old realities of fear dissipate into possibility. Something new gets created.

This is a time of great transformation. You’re part of it.  This year is not a status quo year.  This year is tumultous, the climate is chaotic, and it’s okay.  It’s actually great!

Don’t shut down. Don’t get scared. Don’t close your heart to those who disagree with you. Don’t hide.

Lean in. Ask questions. Open yourself wider and wider to embrace it all. Share yourself.

We cannot solve a problem at the level of consciousness that created it, said Einstein. We know this. If we want a different world, a different nation, we’ve got to step up. Into a new reality. Into a new space of being. And what if that’s not nearly as difficult as you’d think?

That’s where I am.  And personally, I’m LOVING this season. I watched the RNC last week. I’m watching the DNC this week. I’m in awe of it all!  Something is shifting. Something new is emerging. And I’m part of it from my seat in the bleachers. I’m part of it as I engage in comments on Facebook and in conversations on the sidewalk with my neighbors. I’m part of it as I get excited about the glimpses I’m getting of the future we are right now creating.

Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, an Anarchist or something else, you’re part of it too.

This season is demanding a lot from us.  More vulnerability here. More transparency there. More love in the room, because more love is required. It grows me.  It grows us.  And It’s SO EXCITING!

July workshop simpleJoin me there! This skill of not hiding, not separating, not contracting in the face of what feels uncomfortable – it’s a LIFE skill! It’s a mastery of energy that will enhance your relationships, your career, and your enjoyment of life.

That’s what we’ll expand into in this month’s Consciousness Workshop: Politics, Polarity + The Presidential Elections, tomorrow at 12pm PST, and I invite you to attend for a lively conversation.  This is an interactive group coaching call experience that includes the .mp3 afterwards, and it’s only $33.

Details below!  And of course, reach out if you’d like individual coaching or healing sessions. I’m fresh off of leading a weekend retreat for a group of women business owners, and I’m on fire this week!

You’re continually setting the tone of your life by your choices and your perspectives.  Don’t play small and don’t contract.  In sessions with me, we blow all that up, following the lightness to more and more of you. What miracle in your life can we create for you? Book a session here.  😉

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