FREE Teleclass — What the Stars Say About YOU (an interview with Stephan Coutts)

Posted on 09 June 2014

So you know you’re a Gemini (or a Capricorn, or a Taurus with a Capricorn rising — YOU fill in the blank), and you even know your life path number…

You’ve had a Tarot reading, and found it interesting…

Maybe you’ve even picked up a book on the I Ching and got an answer that fit you perfectly that day…

And yet… you still don’t know WHY these ancient oracle systems work and you’re not quite sure whether they actually offer wisdom or just good generic advice that would fit anyone.

You aren’t naïve or gullible. You want deeper answers before you lean in wholeheartedly.

And I honor that!

So, dive into the mystery with me!


Join me Thursday at 3pm PST, as I interview Stephan, founder of True Love Institute and creator of Stephan’s Mirror. Stephan has devoted years of his life to synthesizing ancient wisdom oracle traditions and programming them into an easy and powerful tool known as Stephan’s Mirror. With a mission to help you awaken to your essence, Stephan knows that as you do so, you will both fall in love with yourself and align to your purpose – easily and effortlessly.

On this call you will…

  • Learn what wisdom these ancient oracle systems actually hold for the modern seeker…  because let’s face it, if there’s wisdom encoded in these systems that will help us be ourselves more fully and on purpose, we could all use it!
  • Learn how the blueprint of your life purpose is embedded in your stars and in your name – just waiting for you to decode them… because wouldn’t we all like to have a blueprint of our soul’s mission?
  • Hear what Stephan’s Mirror reveals about some of our favorite famous people (Obama, Oprah, Mother Theresa and the current Pope) who have highly aligned to their purpose in this lifetime – a purpose that, in essence, can be decoded by any of us… because, of course, we want PROOF that there’s something to these oracle systems!
  • Receive a free gift from Stephan that will reveal to you important coordinates on your soul’s mission… because you came here to be yourself brilliantly and fully and it’s ALWAYS a good time to brighten your inner light!
  • Walk away with awed by the Mystery and affirmed on your path… because here on our Earth Journey as we struggle to be ourselves, couldn’t we all use a little more awe and affirmation?

We’ll be packing this 1 hour call with as much information and play as possible, taking a few live questions and offering a special gift to those who show up. If you can’t make it live, sign up anyway, and receive a link to the recording.

Alright then, feel your inner YES and register here:


Again, here are the DETAILS:

When? Thursday, June 12, at 3pm PST (and yes, this will be recorded! gotta register to get it though.)
Where? By phone on our fancy teleconference system. Participate live and get a chance to ask your questions.
Why? Because you’re a seeker and a learner and high-vibe conversations in your calender just make life that much more rich!
How do you register? Go here:


Note: If you’re not into mysteries and metaphysics… or if you’ve highly developed your cynical side and you’re comfortable in living only from your literal mind, this call is not for you. We do love you though!

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