Join me for a Free Teleclass: Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice

Posted on 15 December 2015

How do you put yourself to bed at the end of the day?  Do you enter the realm of sleep in a high vibrational state, or do you carry the stress, fear and resentments of your day into your dreams?  Do you awake feeling refreshed, renewed and supported?

For me, dreaming is a spiritual practice. I create as much or more in the hours of sleep as I do in the hours I am awake. What do I mean? Come find out.

Join me for this Free Teleclass: Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice, and learn how to…

  • Release the day and enter a high vibrational state as you fall asleep.
  • Remember your dreams as you awake.
  • Work with your dreams to process your subconscious fears.
  • Access energies of creation to work with as you sleep.
  • Journey into other worlds, dimensions and realities as you sleep.
  • Receive guidance, energy and healing throughout the night.

Join me live on Thursday December 17 at 12pm PST.

UPDATE:  If you’d like to receive the recording of this call, email me at and let me know.  😉

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