Fear is not your compass.

Posted on 14 April 2020

What’s the opposite of fear? What does it feel like?

I asked my EVERY DAY group of about this, and they gave me these words: expansiveness, trust, harmony, openness, softness, acceptance, vulnerability, spaciousness, awareness, curiosity, joy, perception, eagerness, assurance, trust, relaxation, possibility, learning, calm, serenity, knowing, confidence, contentment…

Those words feel good to me, even to type.

Read the list again. Feel the energy of these words in your body.

The more acquainted you are with THOSE energies, the more they become your ground of being.

Fear is going to come up, at times. Anxiety and contraction will move through you. You don’t have to resist it. But don’t take it too seriously, and don’t lean into it as your compass. The space beyond fear is where you’ll access the wisdom and inspiration that will guide you to create more through this time and beyond it.

When you’re soft and curious, trusting and open, you intuitively perceive the way forward.

What is being reset in you during this time of quarantine?
What gift is this time to you?
What new possibilities are going to be here for you after this pandemic is over?

No need to find answers to those questions. Just live in them. Let the inquiry open a space for reset and receiving, thriving and possibility.

]I trust that no matter what happens to the economy you can thrive. I trust that no matter what falls away in your life, there is a gift in the change. I trust your capacity to receive even these circumstances, rise above the fear, and feel your way forward.

If you need help accessing that space, book some sessions. And if you’d like to join the EVERY DAY group in daily meditation and remembering, I’d love to have you.

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