Every break up I go through, l learn more about love.

Posted on 06 February 2016

Happy February, Sweetheart!

It’s a good month to focus on love.  Not because Hallmark sells Valentine’s Day cards and boxes of chocolates are super fun!  Because every year you grow and change, and every year your space for connection and intimacy can expand too!

Love can feel so complex and mysterious.  It appears to come with strings and rules and conditions.

What if all that stuff wasn’t love?  I could call it neediness.  Or the game of relationship.  I don’t call that love.

Love, to me, is simple and clean.  It creates lots of space, and it’s not hard or heavy.  It’s unconditional, generous, and kind.

Last year was a break up year for me.  Not easy.  Not fun.  And yet, so rich.

I am grateful for all my exes.  I’ve dated some amazing men, and one incredible woman.  I’ve learned something in every relationship.  And my capacity for intimacy, kindness and generosity just keeps growing.

I start with me.  How much space can I give myself to be myself (even when I’m sad)?  How much can I embrace all of me (even the ugly, mean parts)?  How much can my heart expand to include me and the other (even when I’m infuriated)?

To me it’s not love or hate. It’s love AND anger.  Love AND sadness.  Love AND whatever the heck I’m experiencing as a passing emotion.

Love doesn’t exclude all the other stuff.

Love is in my choice to soften when I want to harden.  To expand when I want to contract. To receive everything that arises instead of building walls to keep it out.

And oh how all of my relationships give me practice in THAT!

Do you want to practice that with me?  It IS a practice.  It’s also a fun and powerful frontier to explore.

As usual, I’ve got a class offering for you (two actually!).  Love Yourself, Love the World begins Monday and continues for 21 days, and Let Your Exes Go is a 90 minute phone workshop right before Valentine’s that will be quite dynamic.

Those are my invitations ~ created with delight and extended in love.

Whatever you be this month, be sweet to yourself…

Give yourself even more space, expand when you want to contract, and reach out if you’d like to book some session time.

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