Do you know your YES and your NO clearly?

Posted on 27 January 2021

When faced with choices, are you able to find your true YES, NO or MAYBE?

Can you tune in so deeply that you hear your own inner guidance at the soul level?

Can you hold your own and honor your desires even when others desire something different for you?

Can you recognize when and where you need a little more time to gather information?

And can you give yourself space around your choices to find your way through no matter how long it takes?

Even when there is pressure to decide quickly?

Knowing how to find and express your authentic YES and NO is a LIFE SKILL! Could you use a tune up?


YES, NO and MAYBE: a 3 part series begins tomorrow.

We meet Thursday nights at 7pm Pacific 

Jan 28 – Feb 11.

READ MORE HERE, and if it’s a YES for you join us.

It’s $90 or sliding scale “pay what you choose“.

It’s important that you have your voice and your clarity. Now more than ever.



P.S. When you know and express your YES and NO clearly, what shifts in your life?

A lot, right?

Boundaries become easier, time stops being your enemy, and you find yourself flowing with Life instead of beating your head against your problems. That’s what I want for you.

Need a specific session on that? Book it.


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