Do You Give TOO Much?

Posted on 06 June 2014

Do people describe you generous, warm, open-hearted? Are you a person who sincerely desires to make other people’s lives better? Maybe you’re a healer, an empath, or a sensitive soul — many in our Earth School community are!  If so, giving for you might almost be a given. You may give without thinking… even to the point of over-giving.

Do you ever do that?  Do you ever feel like you’re giving and giving and giving, only to find yourself exhausted or unappreciated?  Or even used?

By all means, let’s be generous. Let’s be of service. Let’s be kind.

Let us also remember that we are not here to fix anyone or anything. It is not necessary to take on the identity of rescuer or martyr in our giving.  And we don’t need to over-give in order to prove that we are valuable or worthy.

Can you feel the difference in tone here?

On a day that I feel the need to be important, my giving and my service is going to have a different vibrational feel than on a day that I feel full-up happy simply to be alive. On the day that I am being myself fully, my overflow of energy in the world will BE my gift and service. And that will not exhaust me or come with any strings attached. My service from this place is clean and my relationship with you will be healthy and balanced.

Sound idealistic? Yes? Good!

Let’s choose the highest form of giving. Let’s create a new paradigm of what it means to be of service in the world. We’ll do that from a centered place of authentic expression. And yes, that may take some experimenting to find, and yet… we can!

Take it to the streets today… Notice how you FEEL when you’re giving. If you feel exhausted by it, back up. Center yourself. Practice some self-care.  When you’re grounded, check your motives and intentions.

There’s nothing to prove from your giving.

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