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Posted on 02 April 2018

When you not only start Monday with a kick ass client in a firework kind of session, but then she sends you a testimonial, unsolicited, just because — that’s an awesome start to the month! Anyone else want to book with me?

Here are her words:  “Holy shit, I just had my mind totally blown by Jessica’s magical medicine! I’ve been going through the most challenging few weeks of my life, and she helped me transform my perspective and truly appreciate all the GIFTS in all of it. I feel such a lightness, knowing and excitement about everything that has become possible thanks to this session! Jessica’s intuition, mad skillz and ability to see things that I would have never ever been able to see on my own (that are SPOT ON) create true Alchemy! You have mega SUPER POWERS, lady!! I will be back for more of your genius soon!”

What might YOU have to say after giving yourself the space to lay it all out, ask bigger questions, let the heavy shit go, know what you know, and perceive what’s possible? That’s what we do in sessions.

Phone or video. Doesn’t matter where you live (she lives abroad!). Doesn’t matter what you’re asking for, what your topics are, or whether you even know what you want to receive.

You’d book a session

.. to hear yourself
.. to acknowledge what you’re experiencing (good, bad or ugly)
.. to cut through the bullshit your head makes up
.. to ask questions
.. to create more
.. to know what’s true for you
.. to stop feeling the victim or the loser
.. to choose something better
.. to find the words for a tough conversation
.. to disconnect from your family agendas

Sometimes we talk to dead people.
Sometimes we do weird energy clearing stuff.
Sometimes we release old contracts.
Sometimes we cry or laugh or shout or put a plan on paper.

I never know what the heck is going to happen, but I’ve been coaching long enough to know that no topic is too hard and no situation is too dense that we can’t open a space for lightness and ease. If we choose it.

If YOU want a session, book it! You’re worth it. Your life is worth it. Your choice of ease, space, freedom and possibility is worth it.

30 minutes | $80
60 minutes | $150

Packages available.

BUT, heck, this week only, mention THIS post and book a session for $125. My spring gift to you.

Calendar HERE.

.... this is ME with earbuds in, coffee steaming, ready for my next client call.

…. this is ME with earbuds in, coffee steaming, ready for my next client call.

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