As 2014 ends… call it all good!

Posted on 31 December 2014

Happy Last Day of 2014!

No matter what unfolded in your last year, I invite you to pause today, feel the depth of your experiences, and call it all GOOD!

There’s your place of power.  The place from which you bless everything that you’ve experienced is the place in which you can truly receive.

Life is for you.  It’s supporting your growth and your expansion, always.  As we lean into that truth and remember it through times of joy or times of loss, we align with grace.

I created an “End of the Year Reflections” worksheet for my Inner Circle coaching group; if you’d like support in reviewing your year with a sense of humor and a spirit of blessing, I invite you to play with it too!  Find it HERE:  Reflections on 2014.

There’s so much waiting to emerge in your life.  Your willingness to expand and receive is all that is asked for!

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