Are you giving yourself enough support?

Posted on 22 January 2021

Here in the first month of 2021, so much has shifted and changed already, and we’ve only just begun!

How will you support yourself as the year continues to unfold?

Here are some of my self-commitments:

Frequent time in nature.
Regular heart-to-heart conversations with friends.
Weekly play-dates with my niece and nephew.
Reading that awakens and inspires me.
Sleep, exercise, healthy food…
Meditation and journaling.
Spiritual practice and daily rituals for inner connection.
Sessions for me.

This isn’t just a list. These are things I DO in order to BE who I desire to be.

Are any of those part of your self-care practice too?

Do a quick inventory yourself:

What have you chosen or put in place to support your mental health?
Your emotional health?
Your physical health?
Your spiritual health?

And where do you need to add in more?

I’m one resource of support. You can book sessions regularly throughout the year or join class offerings. People who work with me tend to their inner realms before facing outer circumstances. It makes a big difference! You can choose that for yourself.

As this year unfolds, you’ll need to tap into your inner resilience, your inner knowing, and your grounding – over and over. You can do that!  But set yourself up for success. Establish habits and practices that help you show up as your best self, and from there, create your world.

Our world can get better and better! I have great hope and faith in that. We just have to choose it, individually and collectively, one day at a time.

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