Instead of stepping out in the world feeling powerless…
Or being easily knocked off kilter as you engage with your day…

Align first.
THEN take action.

Join me in October for a daily practice class.

Each morning I’ll ask you:

Who are you?
What do you choose to create in the world?
What is that energy?
What does it feel like?

As you become practiced at pausing, aligning and setting intentions for the day, you’ll notice how the world changes to match your energy. From there, action follows with ease.

When you show up in a state of inner alignment,

  • your engagements become creative, not reactive.
  • you flow with what’s here, instead of pushing against it.
  • you experience more synchronicity and abundance as all your needs are met.
  • you have the energy that you require to meet what’s here.


JOIN AND RECEIVE:::::::::::::

• 30 minute live facilitation calls every morning for 22 days.  Each call will be recorded, and you receive the audio files to keep.

• Practical tools, questions and energetic practices to integrate into your daily life.

• A private Facebook group in which to interact with the playful community of bright and potent beings on the journey with you.

Note: One to two of these days I may be traveling. If so, class will be pre-recorded and available at the regular time.


THE DETAILS:::::::::::::

Class runs from Saturday, October 10 to Saturday, October 31, and is recorded live by phone daily from 8 to 8:30am Pacific.

If you can’t make each day’s call live, no worries! The class recordings will be uploaded and available for streaming within a few hours of class.




Or you are invited to….  “pay what you choose.”

Think of this option as a sliding scale option. I don’t want you to over-extend yourself to take part in this class or hesitate to join because of the price. Instead you have full permission invest what feels appropriate to you, and whatever that is will be received with full appreciation.

If this is the option you choose, email me directly at, and I’ll get you set up. Payment may be sent in anytime between now and the end of class.


Note: I offer daily practice classes because they create the most change. These classes are laboratories of consciousness in which we practice a new way of being, and then observe the impact on our lives. Our lives are created out of who we are being even more than out of what we are doing. As we get that order of priority straight, mountains move easily and miracles abound.

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