As we end 2020, attune again to abundance.

Posted on 24 November 2020

Every so often I recognize that it’s time to purposefully re-tune myself to abundance, possibility and flow. As we approach the end of 2020, I’m at that time again. Are you?

It’s been a year of change. Some things are coming to an end and dissolving. Some things are being created and innovated and we can’t yet see the impact of all of it.

We can look around and acknowledge that many are out of work. Our economy is not what we’re used to, and we don’t know what’s ahead.

Maybe your financial situation has changed this year too.

I acknowledge it all. I also have awareness of it. I feel the anxiety of the world around me, and some days it’s a challenge to remember what I know.

But I do know this: This is an Abundant Universe. There is more than enough for me and everyone else too. I’ve built my life and my business on this principle and it serves me well.

Living in that presumption of abundance creates a different experience of life. It shifts me out of fear into presence. I remember that government, pandemics, and economic conditions are not the source of my well-being. My source is Life itself.

This is the spiritual grounding that allows me to relax, and as I relax I am more creative, more attuned to possibility, more inspired, more resilient. Abundance lies here.

Abundance is a state of all my needs met. That includes money. It also includes everything else that contributes to my well-being.

When I cultivate that inner state of abundance, miracles show up, problems solve themselves, and there is ease in my world. When I vibe abundance, I don’t horde or contribute to problems — I am generous, and my actions contribute to solutions.

That ’s what I desire for me. That’s what I desire for you.

If you could use some support in stepping out of scarcity into the energy of abundance, join me for December’s daily class, ABUNDANCE.

We start Monday, November 30 and finish on Solstice, December 21. Class is $133, or “pay what you choose.” Daily classes are a joy, and I’d love to have you. More details HERE.

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