A couple of books I keep recommending to clients…

Posted on 18 September 2018

I’m a big fan of books, and the impact they can have on our thinking.  So many times a book has expanded me into realms I didn’t know where possible. So I read a lot. And I recommend many books to clients.  This month, these are the two books I’m mentioning the most.

I purchased Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As if  Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss because it kept coming up in my ‘recommended’ book titles on Audible. I had no idea why — it didn’t LOOK like a book I’d pick out or enjoy… but, it’s so cool to be surprised! Within the first chapter I was a raving fan of the author — a former FBI hostage negotiator — for his insight on the dynamics of a conversation. Each chapter had tools for me to practice — like, creating a conversation in which people can say no to me over and over, so they get to be in control, without pressure, and just may be more willing to say YES when I’d really like them to say yes. It works brilliantly! And, while this is about negotiation and manipulation, it’s also kind. When we can communicate with people in a manner that honors and acknowledges what they require, MORE is created! I wouldn’t mind living in a world in which Chris Voss is negotiating on behalf of ‘we the people’.

This Is Day One: a Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters by Drew Dudley is sweet, raw and an easy read, yet it will leave you inspired and more present in your life. As a leadership book, it’s not militaristic or rigid — it’s caring and expansive. Drew challenged my laissez faire attitude about some major aspects of my life. He’s a brilliant story teller, and the characters he introduced me to touched me deeply. He also plays with questions — ones you can ask each day about what you chose. These have worked their way into my daily routine: How was I kind today? What did I choose that was caring for my body? In what ways did I nurture my business today? As I ask myself those questions at the end of the day, I measure and acknowledge what really matters.

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