Your desires will grow you… if you drop your resistance

Posted on 02 July 2023

Everything we desire invites us to grow and expand.

For example, if you’re desiring more money, in order for it to manifest, you must shift your energy to become a person who can have more money.

You may need to change your thinking.

You may need to drop your judgments and stories.

You may need to soften your stance and broaden your view of the field of possibility around you.

You may need to raise your vibration and open your heart to allow your life to be even better.

Are you willing to change in order to have what you desire?

Desire with full willingness is powerful.

Desire with resistance doesn’t get us very far.

I see this when I work with clients on a job search. They change dramatically between the start of the search and the time they land a new job. Their thinking changes, their energy aligns, and they become the person who can have that next level job. It can’t land in until THEY change.

I know this, so my job as the coach is to challenge their often unconscious resistance and help them consciously access the feelings and thinking that match what they are wanting.

From my perspective, it’s always an inner journey.

And … it’s a glorious one!

Being willing and functioning without resistance is something you can practice with all of your desires — big and small.

That’s the focus of July’s 4 week series — How to Manifest with Conscious Intention. This offering is a short and sweet laboratory to connect, grow, workshop your desires, and remind yourself of life principles you already know, but so easily forget.

We begin Wednesday, July 5. I’d love to have you join.

Read more and register HERE.


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