You can change anything, if you’ll change yourself

Posted on 03 May 2019

Yesterday I had a headache that was really distracting (as pain tends to be!). Amazingly, I caught myself in the experience, and realized — I could focus on the pain, and it would probably get worse, or I could reach for a different energy and I might be able to change my whole day. Choosing option 2, I called a friend to help: “Talk me through this please! Ask me questions. Help me get to a different reality.” He did.

What is the energy of the headache? Pressure and overwhelm.
What would you like to feel instead? Freedom, ease, a feeling of confidence and choice.

Okay. So, I acknowledged the pain and the pressure, then with him helping me focus, I purposefully crawled my way towards a different energy. I reached for the feeling of confidence and choice. I relaxed my mind to find a sense of ease and softness. I remembered what it is to feel great in my body.  As I did this, I changed my energy, and that shifted everything. The headache dissipated.

Better than an Advil, I’ll tell you. And it took less than ten minutes.

Now, I know you’ve done this in your life too.

It’s how in the past you’ve changed your experience. When you were broke or struggling with money problems, you somehow shifted your energy and from there your money situation changed. When you were in conflict with another person, you somehow found a different way of being and created peace. When you were miserable at work, you eventually shifted something inside yourself and your situation changed.

Sometimes we forget that the change actually takes place inside of us first, but it does.

We change what we are being, what we are focused on, what we are feeling, and THEN the experience changes.

Inner realities are the source of outer circumstances.

Sometimes we change our inner state by totally surrendering. Sometimes we do it by pivoting. Sometimes we do it by hanging around with different people who have a different energy. Sometimes we do it by going outside, spending time in nature, getting dressed up, or eating a good meal. Whatever it takes, Friends!

An energy shift within you creates a different reality! And whatever you can choose to create that shift — choose it! For me, yesterday, it was the conversation with a friend that helped. On another day, it might be something else.

Out of lack, despair, and limitation, into choice, possibility and ease…. that’s the journey.

Often we need help shifting our inner reality — that’s why people book sessions with me. Also, we can practice shifting energy when it’s not so hard, so that we remember how to do it when our experience is more intense. That’s what I create classes for — practice and tools!

Acknowledge what you’re emanating that’s creating your experience and choose again. That’s the simplest formula I know for change.

Try it on something today and tell me what happens!


In May I’m offering a 22 day practice class called “I Am Rich!”. If you’ve been in lack and scarcity, it takes some focus to shift your internal state to abundance, but you can do it! Come practice with me. I’ve also got two one day-workshops to help you embody the energy of Freedom in any area of your life that you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck. And of course I’m always available to you for sessions.

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