Who and what you are — it’s enough.

Posted on 04 August 2021

Has anyone told you lately that you’re amazing just as you are?
That even if you make mistakes, you’re still cool?
That you don’t have to DO anything to be loveable?

Do YOU speak to yourself with that level of unconditional acceptance and warmth?

Practice affirming “I am enough, just as I am” and see what changes in your world.

Of course, I know you aren’t perfect and that you do make mistakes. This is the truth of all of us.

I also know that the more you accept yourself without judgment and remember that you are inherently enough just as you are, the less you need other people to validate you and the healthier all your relationships become.

That, of course, is some deep work of inner alignment! It’s also a foundational practice of confidence, ease and healthy self-esteem. And, I invite you into it with me…

I AM ENOUGH: a 22 day practice in living from wholeness begins Thursday, August 5.

Read more HERE or simply say YES and join us. It’s $144 and includes all recordings.

P.S. 22 day classes are one of my biggest joys to offer because of how layered and nuanced our conversation becomes over the course of three weeks of practice. It’s one thing to talk about principles of healthy self esteem. It’s another to practice them! That’s what this class is for — deep and practical shifts that YOU choose. I’d love to have you join us!

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