You are a POWERFUL Creator!

Posted on 01 June 2013

You are a Powerful Creator! Your life looks, feels and unfolds in the ways in which you allow it to. Like ‘em or not, you’ve manifested the circumstances and conditions of your life. You are the gatekeeper of your life. No one enters without some permission by you. Nothing appears or disappears without your vibrational permission.

Maybe you understand that, and yet… you still feel stuck. I understand. This subject of manifesting is one we could talk about for the rest of our life — refining our understanding and our alignment with the laws of creation that are always at work in our life even when we feel most dis-empowered.

My Earth School co-founder, Julie Zipper, has created with me a series of mini-lesson videos on the 4 Mystical Laws of Manifestation that we know to be most relevant to the life of a Modern Mystic and Conscious Citizen of Earth — that’s YOU! Tune in below to watch the series, and if this conversation excites you, sign up for our summer school program, “I Am a Powerful Creator!” We begin June 4th!


Julie teaches Laws 1 & 3.  I teach laws 2 & 4.  Start the playlist and watch them all!

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