Is spending time with your family challenging?
Do you have a hard time with your family’s points of view?
Do you have a lot of points of view about THEM?

Would you be willing to clear some of that this season
…and create something different?



Join me for a 2 part series to…

√ Acknowledge the family paradigms that permeate your gatherings and unhook from them.
√ Release your old stories about your family members so you can receive them as they are.
√ Clear the points of view and conclusions you have about what family should be, that it isn’t.
√ Expand the field of possibility around your family, so you can create something new and different over the holidays!


This class was recorded LIVE on December 6 and December 8, 2018.

Purchase the series now and receive all recordings.




No pre-requisites. This workshop will be guided by many tools of Access Consciousness™.





About Jessica Colp:

Jessica is a life coach, life long learner, and a creator of classes and communities. She uses the same consciousness tools every day in her life that she shares with clients, and with them, she keeps creating more and more ease, joy and laughter in life than anyone ever told her she could. Jessica loves coffee, no-driving days and naps. She’s friends with her exes, is always reading multiple books at once, and she loves multi-tasking, pulling energy to get shit done, and clearing entities.

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