You + Money

Do you have inner conflict about money? You want it, but you judge it? Or you judge yourself for wanting it?

Do you have a lot of points of view about how you can make money and how you can’t make money?

Do you have strong opinions about what is okay to do with money and what isn’t? Do you consider money a necessary evil?  Or a huge inconvenience?  Or an elusive game you just don’t know how to play?

Maybe you’re even kind of proud that you don’t make too much money.

What kind of relationship COULD you have with money if you let go of all of that and started fresh?


Join me in this 90 minute virtual workshop to …

√ shift your energy with money – lighten up that relationship!
√ clear your judgments about money and what it means.
√ dissipate the old, heavy points of view about money that keep you from having and creating more.


Sunday, June 10
10am – 11:30am Pacific

We meet by video or phone, live on Zoom.
(And yes, it will be recorded!)



No pre-requisites. This workshop will be guided by many tools of Access Consciousness™.

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