Do you have judgments of dating?
Judgments about who is out there to date?
Judgments about yourself in regards to dating?

It’s pretty hard to have something that you’re judging!


What if you let that go?


Without your judgment and conclusion, how much fun could you have in the world of dating?

And if you showed up with that energy, what could you receive, what could you create, and how easy could it be?



Join me in this 90 minute virtual workshop to …

  • Let go of judgments about dating, about the men/women who are out there to date, and about yourself in regards to dating.
  • Release your old stories about dating that are shaping your future possibilities.
  • Clear the points of view and conclusion about relationships that you’ve been buying as true, but that are actually limitations.
  • Expand your field of possibility.


Leave with far more lightness and a brighter glow!



Sunday, August 12
10am – 11:30am Pacific

We meet by video or phone, live on Zoom.
(And yes, it will be recorded!)



No pre-requisites. This workshop will be guided by many tools of Access Consciousness™.




About Jessica Colp:

Jessica is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, a life coach, and a creator of classes and communities. She uses the tools of Access every day in her life, and with them, she keeps creating more and more ease, joy and laughter in life than anyone ever told her she could. Jessica loves owls, coffee, and naps. She’s friends with her exes, is always reading multiple books at once, and she loves multi-tasking, pulling energy to get shit done, and clearing entities.

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