It’s important to know your NO.
Just as it’s important to honor and express your YES.
As it is necessary to make space for the pause and gift of your MAYBE.

What does YES feel like?
What does NO feel like?
What does the “I don’t know yet” space of a MAYBE offer you?

Do you know? And do you listen?


In a world that is constantly pulling you in a different directions, making choices from a centered and deeply rooted space of knowing what you desire is an art form.

In some areas of your life it may be very easy for you to make clear choices without second-guessing yourself or capitulating to other people’s desires.

In other areas of your life you may have a lot of self doubt or be fraught with anxiety or concern based on past traumas or hurt.

How do you move past that?

And how do you reality-check yourself so that you know that you’re making choices from a centered space instead of from reaction, programming, or trauma?

Come join me for this 3 part series and attune again to the authentic voice of knowing and desire that is within you. As you listen to it, what might shift and change in your life?

(Class includes discussion, practical exercises, and partner work. All classes are recorded and available for you to keep, though I highly encourage you to attend live to participate fully.)




Thursdays nights, January 28, February 4 and February 11
7pm Pacific
via Zoom



Or you are invited to….  “PAY WHAT YOU CHOOSE.”

Think of this option as a sliding scale option. I don’t want you to over-extend yourself to take part in this class or hesitate to join because of the price. Instead you have full permission invest what feels appropriate to you, and whatever that is will be received with full appreciation.

If this is the option you choose, email me directly at, and I’ll get you set up. Payment may be sent in anytime between now and the end of class.



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