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Posted on 23 August 2023

In the course of your life you are going to weather many things. Sometimes the economy will impact you, or changes in your industry will disrupt your career path. In other seasons it’ll be your family that will having you spinning, or conflict with your ex as you’re trying to co-parent together.

Inevitably life will grow you — sometimes through hard times, and sometimes through great times.

How you walk through it all matters.

Where do you direct your thoughts and your attention?

With what energy do you meet the situation in front of you?

How do you choose the best path forward?

People book coaching sessions to have these conversations with me.

My clients may not always have the answers, even about what they want, but they have a strong intention to navigate the circumstances in their life from integrity, character and choice. That intention guides their work with me and their way forward.

As a coach, I’m not best friend. I’m not family. I’m the reality check, the confidante, the one who helps you keep the bigger picture and greater context in view.

I remind you of your highest intentions and ask the questions that wake you up into your next clearest knowing when things feel so intense it’s easy to be confused.

I coach you to be the you you want to be.

Many of my clients have worked with me for years, building a whole history of reference points with me through the many twists and turns of their path.

There’s great value in having the space to process it all and find your through line.

Your mindset is important.

Your gut feelings and intuitive knowings are important.

Your relationship with yourself is important.

Your dreams and deepest desires are important.

Your vision is important.

The questions you ask, the intentions you hold, and the beliefs you build along the way are important.

That’s why you work with a coach.

Life is a learning journey. It’s an adventure! You can’t do it wrong. You have within you what you need to meet what is in front of you. Always.

But when you need support in navigating your way through all the complexities of your life, I hope you’ll give it to yourself.

I have space for a few new committed clients. If that might be you, book a free consultationI’m here for you.

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