Who’s on your quaranteam?

Posted on 23 March 2020

Who’s on your QUARANTEAM?
(I encountered this new word word today, and I like it!)

Who’s on your QUARANTEAM?

(I encountered this new word word today, and I like it!)

If you’re home with family or housemates, cool! They’re definitely on your quaranteam.
But if you’re home alone in social isolation, that doesn’t mean you need to feel alone.

Reach out and strengthen your connections with people who matter to you.

Where are your loved ones at?
Who have you not checked in with for a while, that you can rekindle connection with now?
Whose voices and energy will uplift and inspire you during this time?
Who do you want to surround yourself with?

I kind of think of it like — who do you want on your island? 

As I see it, this is a time to reassess our values.
If connection is one of yours, like it is mine, activate it.
Pull your quaranteam in place.

Put loved ones and friends on it, and also add some support for you.

You can do coaching, healing sessions, therapy, game nights, family reunions, church services, dance classes, fitness bootcamps, and book clubs virtually. And they can be just as, or even more, meaningful to you than ever.

Simply get creative.

I’m on many people’s QUARANTEAM. Currently, my clients are meeting me for the coolest sessions — sessions that are relevant and reality shifting. People who work with me know they don’t have to be be in anxiety no matter what’s going on. They reach out to talk it out, to use the tools that keep them steady and sane, to stay true and authentic, and to meet themselves in deep dives of growth and healing.

When you need that support, have it. Book some sessions. I’m here.


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