Who’s on your list?

Posted on 24 September 2019

I have a client with a big job interview today. In a session yesterday, she told me that she’s worried that she’s not in her best form right now. What if she shows up to the interview and she’s not as bright, confident, and bad-ass as she can be? That made her even more nervous; I could hear the anxiety rising as she played out that scenario.

As I’m on her team, I pulled her back from that edge with this reminder — “You’ll do your best, you haven’t bombed an interview yet, and even if you do, it’s okay. You don’t have to be perfect all the time for things to work out.”

That helped. Yet, sometimes it’s hard enough to calm your own anxiety, much less remember what’s awesome about you. So, we made a list of people who think she’s awesome — people who see her with eyes of love, respect, and appreciation.

I was on that list, of course, along with a good group of girlfriends, a few close colleagues, people she’s mentored, former supervisors, a family member or two, and even a close friend who died. The list felt good to her, and evoking their perspective easily reminded her of who she is.

Who would be on YOUR list?

* Who’s got your back?
* Who reminds you of what’s great about you?
* Who can make you laugh even when you’re in the dumps?
* Who thinks you are awesome?
* Who believes in you?
* Who can testify to your talent?
* Who can you count on to be a good reference?
* Who can you call on to help you reset?
* Who gives you real hugs?
* Who inspires you to grow and celebrates your success?
* Who would you want at your side in an emergency?
* Who is hopeful about your future no matter your circumstance?

The people who give you any or all of that — put them on YOUR list. They’re on YOUR TEAM.

You can cultivate a bigger team if your list seems small. You can strengthen your team but plugging into it more often. You can appreciate your team members and receive even more from them by reaching out virtually or physically. (Take a quick moment to send out some love and gratitude right now!)

Does just THINKING of these people lift you into a higher sense of yourself and life? How do they see you? How do they see your life? How do they love you? Have some of that. Seriously —HAVE IT!

Use your team to keep you lifted, and if you need a life coach on your team, hire me! I’m here, and I’ve got more than enough optimism, perspective and kindness to share with you.

You’re not alone. Be supported.

P.S. Put me on your team! You can:

* Book a free consultation to talk about working together.
* Book some coaching sessions and find your inner clarity.
* Join e in LA for intimate workshops (The House of Healing is this Saturday the 28th)
* Or sign up for a virtual class (Stories & Scripts begins Oct 4)

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