When you’ve outgrown what you created…

Posted on 13 October 2023

Signs that you’ve outgrown where you’re at and need a new vision:

√ You feel a low level discontent even though nothing is wrong.

√ You haven’t grown or stretched in a good while.

√ It’s hard to remember when you last felt passion or excitement.

√ What used to be challenging is now boring and mundane because you’ve mastered it.

It’s not a bad thing to have outgrown where you’re at. The natural trajectory of our lives is always towards growth and expansion.

Sometimes you’re in a season of forging new paths or building foundations for creations to come. Sometimes you’ve arrived where you want to be and over the next years you stretch to occupy all the goodness of that space.

But, inevitably, once you’ve gotten really good at being where you are, Life will invite you to expand beyond what you’ve known.

At this point, you can resist, and feel stuck and unhappy, Or you can get excited about what is possible next.

All of your experiences of success as well as your feelings of discontent give you information for your next desires. The opposite of what you don’t want is what you do want. Pivot and look there.

So much more is ahead of you…

Don’t settle in places too small for you.

Be brave enough to have a vision of more.

That’s often the point of the journey in which people begin working with me. In sessions we look at what has been mastered and accomplished and now feels stale, and then we feel into the growth edges. From there a vision of new possibilities emerges.

What you’ve already created may be foundational to your next reality, but it isn’t the guide. Your heart is.

I’d love to be on your support team as you grow. Book a consultation to talk about how we might work together or pop yourself into my client calendar and we’ll dive right in..

Also if you know you’ve outgrown where you’re at and need some clarity about what you want next, this month’s 3 day manifesting class is designed for you! Come join.

I’m here for you.

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