When you should give up…

Posted on 31 May 2022

When you’re tired and depleted, or find yourself deeply discouraged, surrender.

Give up trying. Give up effort. Give up fight.

Give up working hard to be positive. Give up the job of making the world a better place, of saving your loved ones, of being the best you…  Even give up your dreams. Offer them up to the Universe and be in the dark for a while.

In giving it all up, you may feel like you’re sinking. You are. Deeper into yourself. Deeper than your surface mind. Deeper than your surface concerns. Deeper than the expectations and standards you’ve erected for yourself that have shaped the identity you’ve been projecting.

There’s relief in loosening your grip. There’s healing in letting go.

Your ego will feel like it’s dying, but you’re not. You’re living.

Here’s where tears may rise.
Here’s where you exhale a sob or a sigh.

There may be grief. A wave of despair. An existential crisis. What is the point, after all?

It’s good to question. Get curious. Go back to ground zero and look again.

What is the point? And where have you missed the point in an effort to do, to try and to control?

Something in you is wanting to realign.
A deeper part of you is guiding you.

It’s whispering:
“Not that direction.
Slow down.
There’s something else here.
There’s an adjustment to be made.”

It’s precious to heed the inner impulse.
It’s wise to slow down.

Being tired is a message.
Being discouraged is a call to re-purpose yourself.

Don’t be afraid.

Stop and question your path.

Surrender your efforts in the places you’re trying too hard to make something happen that isn’t happening.

This creates space. Something new will arise.

I can’t tell you what it will look like or how you’ll emerge from this, but I can know with you that every point of discouragement and despair is a call to go inward. I can sit with you in the inquiry. I can hold the torch when you’re in the shadows. I can remind you – nothing is wrong here. You’re discovering an important clue to your path.

Trust and brave, Sweet Soul.

P.S. Are you in a time of deep questioning or transition or change? Book a consultation with me and lay it out. I offer a 12 session series for $2000, as a deeply grounded container for transformation and inner work. If this is what you need, allow yourself to receive it.


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