When you have all the answers, you miss a lot

Posted on 31 August 2022

Often when I start coaching clients it takes a few sessions before they soften into the curiosity I invite them into with my questions.  At first they have quick and solid answers for everything — even the big open ended questions I’m asking to create some space for possibility — and most of their answers are conclusions.  

No, I can’t … 

That won’t work because… 

The most I can get is …

They’ll never …

When conclusions reign supreme there is no where to go.  You’ll feel trapped and stuck because you are — by your own perceptions.

The way out requires a willingness to not know the answer. 

Inspiration can’t strike when you’ve already predicted all pathways forward.

You must make space.

When you’re truly in question, you embrace mystery.  You get curious about the unknown.  You make room for something that you’ve never thought of before to show up in your awareness. 

That’s the realm of change and transformation.

Over time my clients, tired of their conclusions, become more comfortable with the energy of the unknown.  They soften and linger in the realm of questions with me.  Their thinking changes. 

What if I could …?

What might happen if …?

How much can I receive… ?

What might allow them to…?

Questions work on them and through them and for them.  Can you feel how that is?  Can YOU soften into some curiosity and question about your life now too?

I love teaching questions, so I’m stoked for September’s daily class, The Art of Asking Questions to begin.  We start on Friday and I’d love to have you. Details here.


What else might be possible in YOUR life if you shifted your priorities a little more towards love and the fulfillment of your spirit?  Linger in the wondering a little while.  Let the question work you. If it sparks a bigger vision, consider a series of coaching sessions to support you in following the inspiration and allowing change.  Link to my calendars here.

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