When you get clear, things move…

Posted on 16 October 2023

When you pause to get clear and intentional about what you want and why you want it, your energy shifts and aligns in such a way that you begin to attract what you want with ease.

As simple as that is, it’s sometimes tricky to focus in positive directions on your own.

For that reason, I love teaching the basic principles of manifestation and holding space for you to energize your desires instead of your complaints.

That’s what October’s mini-manifesting course: Clarity and Certainty is all about!

In this 3 part series I’ll guide you each step of the way with tools you can use in all areas of your life.

Class 1: WHAT do you want?
Let me guide you towards a grounded focus and awareness on the desires of your heart right now. What are you longing for? That’s where we’ll start visioning. You clarity is always deep within.

Class 2: WHY do you want it?
Next we’ll feel below the surface of our desires to the purpose for our desires. Why do you want what you want? As you find your why, your inner commitment activates, your priorities begin shifting, and your next action steps start to reveal.

Class 3: Stand in Certainty. Believe it!
Finally, we’ll do some work on mindset! What thoughts must you think to manifest your next desires? And what thoughts must you stop thinking? Set yourself up with strong beliefs, an open mind, and a certainty in the possibilities that lie ahead.

From there, something new and exciting will naturally begin to take shape in your life.

We begin on Monday, October 23.

All sessions are recorded, and come with worksheets and guided exercises.

Read more and register here.

P.S. If you’ve been more focused on what you don’t want or what you’re tired or frustrated of in your life, it’s a good time to shift your focus to a positive state of expectation about what you DO want.

That’s what this month’s class is for! Because everything can always get better. Register to join the class and/or book sessions.

I’m here for the conscious work that helps you create a deeply fulfilling life.

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