When I get stuck in scarcity thinking my problems grow

Posted on 08 November 2022

When I focus on what I have, it grows.
When I appreciate what I’m receiving, it gives more to me.
When I soften and open my heart to the world, the world shows up kinder and more generous with me.

These are abundance principles I can live by in any context. They serve me well.

The energy of scarcity and lack, in contrast, feels like contraction. When I presume there isn’t enough or that my needs won’t be met, I hold tight and get rigid. What is created from that rigidity is more experience of scarcity. In this energy my problems grow.

It’s easy to be in scarcity. Just listen to the news or overhear a conversation about the economy or drive by a gas station and see this week’s prices, and it’s hard not to contract if that’s where I’ve been vibing.

But the energy of abundance is available to us too and it feels different! It’s expansive and relaxed. It’s open and generous and grateful.. When I presume that there is enough for me (and everyone else too!), I relax. Creativity and inspiration flows through me. What I create from that energy is life-giving and generative.

Where I land on that spectrum between scarcity and abundance has a lot to do with the thoughts I’m thinking, the posture I’m taking, and the attitude I’m cultivating. And that is all adjustable.

That’s the essence of the work in I Am Abundant: a 22 day energy shifting practice class. This is my annual abundance class, offered each year because I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a regular tune up of their abundance vibe.

Class is $111 and includes all recordings. You can also purchase the class + a coaching session for $222. We start Thursday. Read more and register HERE.

P.S.S. This topic of abundance vs scarcity is also a good one for sessions. When you know you’re emanating an energy that is creating the opposite of what you want, don’t stay in that for long. Come work it out with me. Book session times here.

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