What’s truly important?

Posted on 30 September 2021

As we reach the end of September, I hope you’re feeling good. I hope you’re feeling smart and capable, and keeping perspective as you look at what’s here in your life this fall.

There’s a great deal in this crazy world that you have no control over. Honestly, you’re in control of hardly anything. But you have many many layers of choice, and that’s worth remembering. Most importantly, you have choice over your attention and intention, which is no small thing.

The problem is, it’s easy to get out of sync with yourself — distracted by the minutia, steamrolled by the day, overrun by other people’s energies or desires — and to walk forward foggy and unclear.

It’s super important to create space for yourself. Space to see, hear, know, observe. Even personal space to have a bit of a buffer so you can feel your own feelings.

You can take breaks. Lift your head. Get up and move. Breathe.

You can also take space to consider. You don’t have to know the answer right away. Despite any perceived pressure, you don’t have to decide what’s a yes or a no for you in the moment. You don’t have to communicate under pressure. Sometimes the best clarity comes after a good night’s sleep or a long shower or a few minutes meditating. You can wait for that clarity.

Also, create space for yourself by remembering the bigger picture. Where you are right now is just where you are right now. In the grand scheme of things, not everything on your plate is even going to be remembered down the road. Some things are important, for sure. But not everything is. Not everything needs to be your last stand or your biggest battle.

Live in questions like these:

What’s truly important? 
What’s my highest intention here? 
Who do I desire to be in this situation? 
What energy do I desire to lead with? 
What guidance is my inner wisdom giving me?

When you live in question, awareness comes.  It will focus your attention and bring forth clarity of intention. That’s how you create most potently and with ease.

Book sessions when you need. Join October’s class series, Ease, Flow & Personal Power, if you could use some re-alignment (details below). Reach out for what supports you.

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