What You Seek Is Seeking You

Posted on 26 June 2012

I’m sitting at my new white desk on my new swivel chair in my new OFFICE!  It’s a bit messy and chaotic in here, and yet, it’s a space that’s full of potential!  I’m surrounded by my favorite books, a vase of flowers, the cork board with my to-do lists and affirmations, pictures of loved ones, and my favorite paper lamp.

I haven’t had an office before.  I’ve been really good at working in all kinds of locations — I’ve liked the flexibility and freedom of couch, coffeeshop, kitchen table, or lawn chair.  And yet, in recent months, I’ve been craving an office of my own.  It’s time to grow!  I could feel it even before it came.

And here it is.

This office comes as part of a new home.  This month I moved in with my Sweetie, in the home we’d envisioned together.  We made a mind map of this new home last summer, a vision board over the winter, and we looked at an amazing number of places in last seven months – none of which matched our desires.  And, so we kept saying “no, thank you” and walking away.

This place, however, is everything on our list, and more.  And it came in perfect timing.

This is what I know – over and over life proves it to me – what I am seeking is actually seeking me.  Together, we were seeking a home to rent in South Pasadena, my favorite little small town in the big city of LA.  We were seeking a home that felt big and spacious to the two of us, while also feeling warm and cozy.  We wanted carpet, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, outdoor space, a tree-lined street, unique details, and a big dose of beauty! And, in the midst of our months of looking, I knew that if this is what we wanted, that someone was also out there wanting to find us.  Someone was looking for people, just like us, to rent to!  And that as happy as we were going to be to find the place, some landlord was going to be happy to find us.

That’s how manifesting works.  Nothing in life is created in isolation.  I am the solution to someone else’s desire as much as someone else is the solution to mine.

Our new landlords like us.  We fit the profile of the kind of people they wanted to rent to, and when we met, that click of relief on both our parts was satisfying.  They greeted us with a bottle of wine and a sweet ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ card on the day we moved in.  And daily, our hearts fill with gratitude for the gift of this home.

Everything we wanted, and more.

A double manifestation:  us for them, them for us.

This is life.  It’s how life wants to unfold.  Not just for me in this one instance – this is how life seeks to unfold in every area for everyone.  My clients manifest me, just as I manifest them.  The people who sold me this office furniture were happy I showed up to buy it as I was to find the exact pieces that I was looking for.  My cat was happy to find me just as I was to find her.

And the way I cooperate, and the way you cooperate, is by trusting that: not giving up, not compromising, not taking over and forcing something into being.  We cooperate by feeling the yes, claiming the highest good, and waiting for it to appear.

If it’s hard, if it doesn’t feel good, if it is not a match or an even better surprise to what you were imagining, let it go.  Whatever it is, (a job, a love, a new couch, a friend), it belongs to someone else.

You’ll know yours when it arrives.  It’s everything you imagined it to be, or it’s an even better surprise.  It’s easy.  It’s a win-win for all involved.

And here in my new office space, right off the kitchen with the sun shining in the window and the palm tree waving to me outside, I’m thanking my own soul for whispering the desire for this space to me before it even seemed possible.   This space was waiting for me.  And I’ve arrived!

3 comments to What You Seek Is Seeking You

  • Jessica such a beautiful message just at a time when I needed it most. Hey what I was seeking was seeking me. Your story is moving, loving, tender and full of hope.

    The beauty of your vision being unfolded is saturated with the oneness that permeates everything.

    Thank you for sharing the juiciness of your life.

  • Barby says:

    Welcome to South Pasadena, Jessica!!!

  • Wow… Jessica! This is so awesome to read right now… I just adopted a doggy, and I feel in my heart it was me seeking him, and him seeking me. But now I gotta move out of my gorgeous apt (remember? the one with white glossy modern kitchen?) and find a new home that accepts pets… I have been feeling exhausted for looking for new rentals that either are too far from the beach or are just not in my price range, or are just not modern/ renovated. But now after reading this, I wills tart just saying “Thank you, but no thank you” for these places and keep my smile certain that the right place at the right time will be manifested!



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