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Posted on 26 July 2017

Last weekend I led a retreat for a group of women entrepreneurs.  The theme was conscious leadership and we spent three days together, creating space for each woman to BE conscious, to be aware of the energetic flows of her business (and her life) and to create more of what works for her.

As the ladies on the retreat remembered:IMG_9030

You can quit whatever doesn’t work for you.
You can say whatever you choose to say, however you choose to say it.
You can watch other people make choices without judging or worrying about them.

Whatever creates the most in your world — choose that.

To know what creates the most, be aware.

It’s simple. It’s fun.  And it takes practice.

If your life has gotten boring to you…
If you’re not making the money you need to do what you’d love to do…
if you’re not having fun in bed…

Ask yourself, what am I not choosing here that I could be choosing?

Creating a life that works for you is always possible, and if you’re NOT creating that, you’ve gone unconscious.  Perhaps you putt up walls to your own knowing, or maybe you’re living in such judgment of you (and others) that you can’t perceive what’s really possible or even true. Choose again.

Consciousness is always available, but you do have to choose it.In line in the grocery store.  At that family dinner with your in-laws.  In that meeting with your employees.  In that heated moment in which someone unleashes on you. The more space you give yourself to be aware, the more aware you’ll be.Space for you to know what you know can be created anytime, anyplace.  And, it’s easiest when you’ve been practicing and choosing it.

That’s my choice.  I’m on a mission to create MORE consciousness on the planet.

Practice with me! Book a session or sign up for a class (or two or three!).



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