What will you create next?

Posted on 21 March 2016

It’s spring, and I wonder if you’re feeling just a little bit restless.  Restless in that “I’m ready to create something new’ kind of way.

Creating something new isn’t hard when you’re willing to BE something different.

Be a new energy, and change your relationship with your mother.
Be an expanded presence, and change what you attract in the world.
Be awake enough to know what you desire next, and change the future you’re headed towards.

Each example above relates to a class I’m offering this spring.  Three courses, three different delivery method, three ways to engage.  I like variety.  And I LOVE conversations in consciousness.

By the way, feeling an urge to change something in your life isn’t a sign that anything is wrong.  It’s a sign that you’re present enough to be inspired.

Creation is what you do when you’re being YOU!

This Thursday we start a new consciousness series, Relationship Remodel: Project Mom. Next month we start a new term in my biggest coaching group, The Inner Circle. And on April 15 is our next Consciousness Workshop: What do you desire next?

I’d love to have you join any of these offering.  Or… schedule an energy shifting session with  me.

Whatever you be this season, be creative. It’s YOUR life!

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