What stories and scripts are you using to create your life?

Posted on 02 October 2019

Are the stories you’re telling creating the life you want to live?

Maybe they’re not!

A few months ago I realized I had slipped into telling a story about my business that was pretty ‘meh’.  People would ask, “How’s your business?” and I would say ‘fine’ and change the subject.

I’ve been coaching full time for ten years, so it’s normal for it to not have the same luster it once had, right?

Hmmm… That’s one way to look at it.

I heard my tone and noticed my words.  They weren’t a lie, but they also weren’t totally true.  I realized — I could do better.

Actually, I love my work.  I love that when I talk to people their worlds expand, their energy changes, and they’re grateful for that.  My clients are wonderful people, and being on their team is a delight!   My business is awesome. It’s a path I created that allows me to contribute to the world. I am grateful!

That is a different story.  It feels so much better because it acknowledges the work, my clients, my business and myself.  And it’s TRUE!

The thing is, I didn’t revise my story with a fake energy. That enthusiasm was there, it was just buried under some internal ‘blahs’ and unconsciousness.  But the revision is important.  What I lead with, is what I generate.

I want to be conscious of the stories I’m telling and how I’m telling them.

If I tell stories that begin with complaints, I am setting a tone in my life that will generate more of that.  If I tell stories that are sparse on appreciation, then I become less aware of the gifts of my life.

The years I described myself as uncoordinated and unathletic — I was.
The years I complained about men — those were rough years with men.
The years I told stories about being an outsider — I was the outsider.

Sure, I had circumstances and experiences that backed up my stories, but other evidence was ALSO there.  And I was ignoring it.

What am I choosing to highlight?
What am I focusing on?
What am I declaring to be the truth of my life?

It’s my choice.  And it’s also yours.

If you’re telling stories that are not creating the life you want to live, come revise your narratives with me.


Stories & Scripts, October’s online life skills class begins Friday, October 4.

It’s five classes in a month.  We meet by zoom or phone.  Each class is recorded and is yours to keep.

The class is $149 and it just might be exactly what you’re higher self has been asking for.

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Or just say yes and register.


Did my stories spark you to consider your stories? Ask yourself:

  • Have I typically cast myself as an outsider or an insider?
  • Do I lead with what went wrong or what went right?
  • When I speak of myself, do I do it with judgment or self-compassion?
  • Do my stories generate new possibilities or perpetuate problems?

Again… this class will not be about by-passing your feelings or sugar-coating your experiences, but it will challenge you to revise your stories to be empowering narratives.

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