What it is to do the inner work…

Posted on 30 August 2023

Life is messy and you are in process.. You have ups and downs, good feeling moments and terrible feeling moments; and sometimes it looks and feels so chaotic you have a hard time steadying yourself.

Patience, Friend. There’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s part of the journey.

Don’t expect to always feel good. Instead, build a resilient inner experience of peace and well-being by shoring up beliefs in your enoughness.

This is what it is to do the inner work.

Feel your feelings.

Sort through your thoughts.

Find the healthiest ones and lean into those.

Then sink even deeper into the calm of your healthy beliefs and let inner clarity and vision arise.

When I’m with clients, this is the core of our work together.

Over and over I witness my clients turning inward, and finding access to the resources, impulses and inspiration they need to meet what is here.

Try it.

Take a breath. Steady yourself.

Remind yourself of what is true about you.

I don’t have to be perfect.

I am a messy human being, but I’m also whole and complete, and enough as I am.

I like other people’s approval, but mostly I need my own approval here.

I am okay.

I am a work in progress.

All of this is a learning journey.

Keep breathing.

What else might you remind yourself? And what else do you know?

When you could use support on the journey, book sessions. I’m here for it.

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