What I Know To Do In A Time Of Crisis

Posted on 17 November 2014

Last week my baby nephew was in the hospital for two days after a bad fall on his head.  Needless to say, this was a scary experience!  The initial catscan showed bleeding on his brain.  As his parents waited in the hospital for a follow up MRI, our family and friends community sent their prayers for his well-being and care.I prayed.  I cried.  And then I did what I know to do.  I worked in the energetic realm on his sweet little head, filled his hospital room with light, wrapped him and my brother and sister-in-law in Grace and knew that all was well.  I may have looked like I was going about my day as if nothing was happening, and yet, in consciousness, I was right there holding space and anchoring the highest vibration for his healing.My nephew Royal is home now. Smiling and being his cute little self as if nothing happened.  A miracle?  I’ll accept it as such.

So often in life, we can feel helpless and overwhelmed by circumstances and conditions around us.  If I stayed in this realm of knowing, I think I’d go crazy.  Instead, I move into the multi-dimensional realm and get co-creative.

We can all do this.  You don’t have to have had a near death experience to awaken your wisdom, or have seen angels, or have been struck by lightening.  You’re a spiritual being and your ability to work in the energetic realms is simply a skill to remember.  In support of that I have a NEW class beginning tomorrow night!   Mystical Practices, Level 1 is a five week course in practical energetic skills that you can engage in anytime, anyplace.

You’ll learn how to modulate and balance your own energy, as well as have a positive and healing impact on the world around you.

Skills include:

  • Chakra clearing, grounding and the microcosmic orbit
  • Purposefully directing energy
  • Anchoring crystal clear intentions
  • Healing energetic rifts
  • Accessing and amplifying unconditional (and pre-conditional) Love
  • Pre-paving your way with high vibrations of Truth and Light

We’ll delve a bit into sacred geometry, spirit guides and angel healing as well.  Consider this class a mystical laboratory for your playful exploration in higher realms of consciousness.  Hogwarts for the modern day Mystic!  Does that excite you?

I invite you to register.  And if you REALLY feel called to dive in during these dark weeks at the end of the year, consider also signing up for 21 Days of Radical Trust and Divine Flow — our next daily practice class that runs December 1st to the 21st.  Both classes are a great compliment to each other!

Wherever you are, lift your gaze a little higher.  Life is more than you see right in front of your eyes, and YOU are far bigger and more powerful than you think that you are.  This I know.

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