Word up! Do you hear what you’re saying?

Posted on 01 March 2012

What you say and how you say it is important, and I’m not just talking about your tone.  I mean the words you choose to define and articulate your meaning.  Words are powerful.  They’re alchemical.  They create beyond their literal definitions.

Words embody our consciousness.

In the last five months I’ve been changing my language.  I’ve been taking out words that don’t speak what I know to be true.  I’ve also been taking out phrases that have  habitually reinforced my own disempowerment.

For example, I started to notice just how often I said, “I DON’T KNOW…”  I’ve had a pattern of using that phrase to be gracious.  I might make a suggestion and then qualify it with, “… I don’t know” so that I seem less intrusive or authoritative.

How does that serve me?

I’m willing to know what I know.  I’m willing to speak from my own knowing and admit my truth.  My truth might change – that’s fine.  I can always speak again.  The truth is,  I want to live a life of knowing!  I want to reinforce the truth that I do.  And so I am — by saying it:  ‘I KNOW.’

Here are some more examples:   I’m not saying “SHOULD’ anymore.  The truth is, I can.  You could.  Anything we do is a choice, not an obligation.  That feels better, doesn’t it?  And, it’s more true.  I’m not saying ‘TRY’.  I either do or I don’t.  Try is a pretty easy way to let myself off the hook for not doing.  Out with that!   And, ‘HOPE’.  I ‘HOPE’ this or ‘HOPE’ that?  Nope.  I know this or I know that.  That’s a biggie!  It means I’m allowing myself to actually know stuff in a broader, more powerful way.

The biggest change I’ve made in my language involves the word ‘BUT’.  ‘BUT’ is a negator.  It’s a tool of contradiction.   I’m committed to living in a consciousness of AND.  I don’t need to negate anything.  All things exist.  All feelings, all reasons, all experiences.  All can be acknowledged.  And all can be added to.  I’m someone who adds in, embraces all, and creates with inclusion.  The world I am helping to create is a world of AND, a world of acceptance.  And so, ‘AND’ is my most accurate conjunction.

What I’ve noticed, is that even my sentence structure has to change sometimes to accommodate these changes in my language.  I’m a little slower to speak, and more careful.  I’ve also been aware that there are some kinds of conversations in which these changes are harder to make.  It’s much easier to have a self-deprecating, judgmental or critical conversation with the word BUT.  Try having one without that word – it’s tough!  And, that’s the point!  My language embodies my consciousness. The words and phrases I choose to use create my world, my feelings and my life as much as they reflect and define my experience.

And so, it’s a process of discerning, of choosing my words with awareness, and of being awake to what I am creating in myself and in my world with my language.  I am an alchemist, crafting reality from my articulation.  AND, so are you!

Start to notice:  Are there phrases that you say often that don’t serve you?  Words that are not  true to the experience of life that you desire to create?

What words and phrases DO positively create your experience and define your life most powerfully?

The more you pay attention, the more you’ll feel the vibration of your articulation.  You’ll notice when you’ve said something that wasn’t true or wasn’t in line with your conscious intention.  And then, simply choose again.  Speak again.  Create again.

Speak your world into existence, consciously.

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